About ScanGator

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Welcome to ScanGator, an internal search engine site that conducts business scans.

Who we are: ScanGator is a small, privately-owned and -operated company based in Finland. We’re passionate about finding the truth about businesses and making it available to everyone on one convenient page!

What we do: Here at ScanGator, we perform comprehensive internet scans of various companies and businesses throughout the World. All our listings have relevant business information found by our high-speed search engine scanning technology.

How to use our search engine: From our easy-to-use website, you can search for businesses in your area. Once you’ve found a listing that you want to know more about, you simply click the listing to read the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about that company available online.

Why you need us: Before you work with a company or freelancer, whether in insurance, property management, business, or anything else, you need to know the inside scoop. If you’re looking for management contacts, honest reviews, or anything else, ScanGator is your ultimate search engine tool!

With ScanGator, we do all the work for you, including searching through websites, background checks, management contacts, and customer reviews, to find the best and most updated information on your desired listing. We even provide a space where you can leave your honest review on any of our listings to help others be informed.

We’re committed to providing our business scans for free for anyone who wants them, from first-time homeowners wanting to find the best realtor to entrepreneurs searching for a good web development company. Using our listings, you can make an informed decision about who you choose to work with before risking finding out yourself!

Happy searching!