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4525 Auburn Central 57-59 Queen Street 2144, Sydney NSW, Australia


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Unknown on 2021-01-09 01:57:25 commented about William Jacket

  • Hello, I purchased an item from your establishment on Dec 28th, I paid in full, I paid extra for expedited shipping. I received 2 e-mails immediately following my purchase. I have received no information about my order..... is it temporarily out of stock? is there a shipping holdup? Were you closed over the holidays? After following all instructions, I get nothing!!!! Your company doesn't even have the decency to contact an honest, paying customer...... even a form e-mail saying we are working as fast as we can..... In this time of e-commerce, communication is paramount, but I guess your customer service is either non-existent, or doesn't care. You have had my money for over 2 weeks, with no explanation or contact to explain your situation, believe me I do understand delays.......... BUT DELAYS WITH NO EXPLANATION OR CONTACT IS THEIVERY!!!!!! I am a very patient person, but I am done waiting..... I will wait until COB on Monday January 11th and if I haven't received any contact..... I WILL BE FORWARDING THIS TO THE IOWA ATTORNEY GENERAL!!! He takes a dim view of thievery, fraud, and dishonesty.......... The extra $25 for 5 day shipping is definitely an untruth, displayed in black and white...... THE IOWA ATTORNEY GENERAL DOESN'T LIKE SCAM'S THAT BILK MONEY FROM HONEST PEOPLE. THE WHOLE SITUATION LOOKS LIKE FALSE ADVERTISING, OR, BAIT AND SWITCH, BOTH OF THESE HE DOESN'T LIKE AND USUALLY BAN'S THOSE ENTITIES FROM FURTHER BUSINESS WITHIN THE STATE. Scamming money from people in the heartland is not the practice of a reputable, upstanding company........ I hope you can make this right, without the looming legal involvement.....AND ALL THE BAD PUBLICITY THAT COMES WITH IT. Wayne

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