Somananda Tantra School

Also known as:

Ananda Ou, Agama Tantra

+372 5919 6788

Ao 10-5, Tallinn 10137, Estonia

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Company registration number: 12567551 VAT number: EE101800507

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Country : US

Region : Virginia

City : Ashburn

Lat : 39.0438

Lng : -77.4874

PostalCode : 20149

Timezone : -04:00

GeonameId : 4744870

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Reviews about Somananda Tantra School

Jun 18, 2019 ... 2 people have already reviewed Somananda Tantra. Read about ... This school is the same as Agama yoga just a different name. The same ...
Jun 18, 2019 ... The teachings are not authentic tantra or yoga it is a deviation from a ... In 2018, Agama, it's leader and many senior male teachers, including Somananda, were ... Don't trust Agama or any school that is a branch of Agama.